Virobi Vileda

Design and innovation. A new type of low-cost robot to remove dust from floors conceived for a very broad consumer market. Designed in 2010 together with Vileda’s R&D and Marketing team, Virobi is a rotating robot with a removable dust-collecting cloth applied under its base. The main body has a circular band of flexible fabric that extends around its perimeter, under which the cloth is placed. On the central body an integrated handle with grip grooves on which the buttons are arranged. The rigor of the geometry and the functionality of the product have given design awards to the product such as the Good Design Award and the Red Dot Award. The first version, rather high due to the internal components, was followed by a “slim” version which increased its functionality allowing the robot to reach low-height spaces for cleaning the surfaces under beds, sofas and furniture. Limited editions with a metallic finish shell were also launched. A product that has proved to be very useful for the elderly and ideal for homes where there is coexistence with pets.

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