Robot VR201 Pet Pro

Vileda VR201 PetPro vacuum cleaner robot. Designed by CASINISTUDIO Industrial Design in collaboration with Vileda R&D who took care of the technical development and the Vileda Marketing Team. In the type of circular vacuum cleaner robots it is characterized by a saddle shape with low-height sides compared to the front and rear. Essential design in which attention is focused on the interface and the grip concavity in the central body for the extraction of the dust container. The top surface is convex and smooth for easy cleaning. It has a maximum height of only 80mm. It has also been designed for those who have pets at home, it has a special Pet-Brush with silicone blades and ultra-fine bristles to collect hair on different surfaces as well as a double filter for pollen and allergens. It is equipped with 8 infrared sensors for obstacle recognition and has a silent mode function. It is practical and easy to use.

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