ABOUT casini studio industrial design

CASINI STUDIO®, a registered trademark of Luca Casini, develops product design and industrial design projects for more technical products or consumer goods in collaboration with clients’ marketing and R&D departments. While “Luca Casini Design Studio” develops products for other industrial contexts requiring a more subjective input from a designer who puts his own signature to a product (see link at the top right of the menu).

CASINI STUDIO is not big but it’s very efficient. Set up in 1997, it’s in central Milan, a dynamic city geared to creativity, with countless cultural initiatives in the fields of design, fashion, furnishing and art from which to draw new energy and information from day to day.

The Studio provides consulting on analysis, definition and development of product aesthetics and morphology and many other aspects of product design, generating ideas, new proposals or styling and helping the client with the multiple issues involved in organizing and implementing a project. 3D CAD is constantly integrated in this process to provide clear visualization of work in the various development stages, down to the exporting of surfaces or solids for prototyping and for detailed engineering refined by producers. The Studio also acts as a link between Marketing and Research & Development, often providing graphics and other technical material useful for communication between a company’s management and its production or product development departments in different geographical zones, thus simplifying the process.

Photorealistic rendering or sketches are also used by clients for marketing tests or studies in the initial, intermediate or final phases of the project. The Studio has also provided real-time sketching services in the project definition phases, with work groups organized by marketing departments.

The Studio has worked on projects for a vast range of product categories in various sectors, mainly with industries in Germany, the United States and Italy and their partners in other countries.

To back up its industrial design work, the Studio also offers design services for interfaces, graphics, illustrations and packaging, as well as product rendering services. It has also done research for clients planning to produce sample collections in specific contexts.

A key priority is absolute confidentiality on every project, a fundamental requisite which, along with professionalism, dedication and creativity, has enabled the Studio to develop collaborative relationships lasting for over 20 years with major international industrial groups and contribute to the success of many projects.

Luca Casini graduated in architecture in 1996, at the Politecnico in Milan, where he taught in the Faculty of Industrial Design for two years. He’s a member of the Milan Association of Architects (Ordine degli Architetti di Milano). A number of his projects have been shown in museums and exhibitions in Italy and abroad. He has won various design awards including the Good Design Award, the Red Dot Design Award (6 times), the DesignPlus and the Baden-Württemberg Design Award. His work has been cited in numerous design magazines. He developed various projects with his partner Jacob Pringiers (with whom he still collaborates), having set up, in 1998, CASINI&PRINGIERS ASSOCIATES, which operated in parallel to his own studio until 2004.


Luca Casini is a member of the Milan Province Association of Architects under matriculation no. 17404.
He took the
National Architectural Practice Examination in 1st Session 1997.

Software Licenses: Catia (Dassault Systèmes), SolidWorks (Dassault Systèmes),  Alias (Autodesk), Maja (Autodesk), 3Ds Max Design (Autodesk), Rhinoceros (Mc Neel), VRay (Chaos Group), Keyshot (Luxion), Z-Brush (Pixologic) Adobe Creative Cloud (tutti i software Adobe) oltre a licenze Photoshop CS6 (Adobe), Illustrator CS6 (Adobe), InDesign CS6 (Adobe), Dreamweaver and Flash (Adobe), Painter (Corel), Office (Microsoft).