Elchim RUN

Elchim 8th Sense RUN is a very powerful, light and silent professional hairdryer equipped with a brushless digital motor (BLDC TECHNOLOGY) with more than 5000 hours of operation. The filter body design features a slim and elegant knurled ring to facilitate its grip for rotation. The filter consists of a laser-perforated rear metal plate with a functional decoration that reduces the accidental entry of hair and dirt while preserving the full-bodied volume of inlet air. The back plate of the handle, an area of ‚Äč‚Äčimportant grip of the hand, is finished with a metallization process. The plate covers the fixing screw, increasing the comfort in the grip.

Design, the Elchim’s Professional Hairdryers Project

Luca Casini has designed a range of professional hairdryers for Elchim that we can define as classic and contemporary at the same time. The 8th Sense, 8th sense RUN, 3900 and Xlite models are based on a shell style designed for the hairdresser’s needs. The shells have a design that respects the tradition of the profession. A shape generated by the size of the powerful and reliable motors but by other important details for those who have to use these tools for many hours. The handle is ergonomic to prevent inflammation of the carpal tunnel, the length of the front portion of the hair dryer allows some typical actions of the hairdresser in the movement of the hair strands during drying, with characteristic gestures acquired already from the professional training period. The buttons are innovative, operated with the inner part of the thumb, designed for effective and practical use, also with maximum ergonomics; the filters can be cleaned very easily. The materials are recyclable in respect for the environment.

Elchim, founded in 1945, was the first company in the world to produce exclusively professional hairdryers.

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