Toothbrush Design

The Colgate 360 ‚Äč‚ÄčOmni Toothbrush was designed by Luca Casini and Jacob Pringiers in 2001 in collaboration with the Colgate R&D and Marketing Team of New York. A synergy of skills that has determined the success of this product. The first model generated a precise identity that has been preserved over time. To the initial product were added models with small variations and improvements but essentially maintaining the same shape, which after twenty years, we can define as iconic. A simple shape with a soft and sinuous profile developed by studying ergonomics and balanced proportions. A universal style in which the functions are legible in the morphology of the parts and with an aesthetic which is understandable and appreciable in very different markets and geographic areas. The central portion of the toothbrush expands, forming a grip area for the thumb emphasized by a semi-transparent and soft polymer that crosses the body from side to side for a new tactile and visual experience. A similar material covers part of the surface of the back of the handle forming ribs and the back of the head, where it creates an area with a functional relief texture. The material extends over the front of the head forming fins that join the bristles. The cups formed by the bristles, distributed to form concentric areas, receive the toothpaste, allowing it to be gradually distributed.

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