Hearts graphics Atoma

Atoma is a “historic” brand of Papeterie Mottart, it can be said to be iconic because it is associated by definition with a particular binding system with separate discs to which the sheets are attached, patented in 1948. Very famous in Belgium (Papeterie Mottart is also a certified supplier of the Belgian Royal Court), today it is present all over the world. Atoma has a timeless design, always current and very functional despite being conceived in the middle of the last century. The collaboration with ATOMA began in 1997. The graphics of the notebooks, that initially had a large logo placed in the center of the notebook, are updated by reducing the size of the brand which is joined to the words “the original since 1948” and the graphics for the address book and some other products are created. Subsequently, contributions were made on the graphics of the covers with some themed illustrations and for the definition of materials and colors together with the Company owners. In the early 2000s a disk-shaped character called “ATOMETTO” was also created, which featured some successful covers to the delight of the little ones.

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