Hair Styler Design

The Elchim Natures Touch and 8th sense hair stylers, modeled to model hair. Soft shapes to make the hair flow and for the ergonomics of the handle, but generated by taut and sculptural surfaces that develop along the length of the shells shape. A form that has achieved great success not only in the professional world it initially addressed. Designed for the most demanding Hair Stylists, it has 11 programs and temperatures from 95 ° C to 235 ° C for each type of hair. The H.I.T. technology allows it to quickly develop uniform temperatures over the entire surface and the plates are tilting to always remain parallel during use. The 8th Sense model has been added to the Natures Touch model, also equipped with copper-colored ceramic and titanium oxide plates. Designed by CASINISTUDIO in collaboration with Elchim’s R&D team.

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