Giotto watercolors

A pleasant and essential design with lots of functionality. The packages are characterized by a sinuous contour design with large radii to facilitate the insertion of the product inside bags and folders, the waved shape on two opposite sides favors the grip and moves back the position of the hole (to hang the product in the shops displays) making it less invasive during use. The tray on which the colored wafers of watercolors are housed is convex to convey the sliding of excess water into the perimeter collection area. The circular pods are designed with a particular section to avoid water dispersion in the early stages of use when wear has not yet given concavity to the pod. A housing area for the brush has been included. The top has been modeled to obtain convenient small cups to dilute the colors, which can be used once the package is opened. The product has also been developed in versions with a higher number of colors and a large version with built-in handle. The project was developed by CASINI STUDIO INDUSTRIAL DESIGN with the R&D and Marketing team of Fila S.p.A.

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